Writing a FAQ page for ecommerce

When it comes to buying online, customers need to know that you’re reliable, trustworthy – and that you’re on the ball. The Shopify ecommerce website design company can help you achieve this in a fast and easy way, however here are a few more tips that you may find useful.

One of the ways you can convince them to buy from you is to anticipate their needs, before they have them.

You can do this by showing them that you’re prepared for any questions they may have.

Yes, a good quality Frequently Asked questions (FAQ) page will give your online store the added edge over competitors who haven’t quite cottoned on about the importance of customer service. And there are still many out there who haven’t.

So what is a FAQ page?

Simply, it’s an informational page filled with commonly asked questions and answers. It’s just another easy way for you to communicate to your customers, and for your customers to quickly find what they need to know.

A lot of customers would prefer to look at this page, rather than email or call you because that takes up their valuable time, and the reply may not be instant, losing you sales.

It not only benefits the customer, but it saves you time and money on your end. You won’t need to hire as many customer service representatives, or worse, spend your time answering them yourself.

The point is to get all the straightforward questions answered through the FAQ page, so you can have more time to answer the more complex questions.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the FAQ page is another opportunity to promote or market your store or products.

It should be for informational purposes only, with no added frills or fluff.

The layout should be simple.

Include a Table of Contents at the top of the page. Hyperlink each question to the corresponding answer below. No-one likes scrolling endlessly down the page, trying to find one answer among forty others. The quicker your customers can get to the answer, the more likely they will finish the sale. Effective e commerce website templates can help you with this.

The questions should be ordered on the page in a logical and coherent way. Aim to keep the most obvious and popular questions at the top, such as delivery, returns, exchange policies, etc.

Well-defined questions work best. If it’s a complicated or lengthy answer, try to break it up into smaller questions. Aim to have short answers, as people don’t like too much unnecessary information.

A trustworthy ecommerce web hosting like Shopify will help you to achieve a successful and useful FAQ page for your customers.

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