George’s Ghoul Bus

One of meetings that my husband and George love to participate lately is at Lowe’s build and grow kids clinic. George gets excited using the kiddie hammer and nail and both of them help together to build wooden toys.


This Ghoul bus was created from a kit and was George’s first time to try their kids clinic. At first, he wasn’t interested to do anything as he saw lots of kids busy creating their ghoul bus. My husband said he’s more interested of the kids than finishing his ghoul bus. I thought that was cute. George loves to be surrounded with people and tries his best to talk to them. When he got to came home, he excitedly showed me this Ghoul bus toy and he said “Look Mommy, I build it!”. I see the glow of his eyes that he’s so happy that he did something cool. How about you, do you sign up to Lowe’s build and grow too?

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