Balmer’s Monkey Balm Review

Dryness and itchiness of the skin are common topical health problems during the winter months. This reaction is very uncomfortable for us adults and much more to our kids which makes them crabby. This Monkey Balm from Balmer’s is a soothing and skin rejuvenating balm stick to heal skin irritations and severe skin dryness on any parts of the body. This a special kind of skin balm because it contains the famous Sea buckthorn berry. I heard about this ancient berry many times and has tried beauty & health products that has it as the primary ingredient. So far it bonded well with my skin and I’m glad about it. My skin is very sensitive when it gets dry and my Dermatologist even recommend to me that I should not use commercial lotions that has strong scents, wool, lanolin a few others. He then recommend to me a medicine cream that keeps the bumps and itchiness on one area on my body, and that it won’t spread all over my entire body. He said my skin problem will heal if I keep on exfoliating everyday and apply the cream he gave me and ointments that traps moisture on my skin. This monkey balm seem to work well on me as it is like a glue that makes moisture stay longer to my skin and that it won’t give you a greasy feeling. Balmer’s made this product especially for kids skin and that it will help adult skin problem as well. Check out their Facebook Page here for promotion updates and life inspirational quotes that they share.

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