Shopping For A New Smartphone For Mommy

I’m planning to get a new phone this December. I want to go prepaid because I can’t afford to get locked into a monthly plan. I don’t go outside the house very often so I rely to my home Wifi for my online jobs to do.


I decided to get a smart phone though and I fell in love to this two lovers (cell phone models). The one on the left is a Samsung Galaxy S II and the one on the right is a Motorola Defy XT. Both are top 2 super smartphones on Straight talk cell phone service. I decided to go Straight Talk because I heard my friends using it and they have been happy about their service. Both of this smart phones have the same OS and has great phone memory in them too. Both has the only camera flash under Straight talk service. I want to get an Android phone as I use Google a lot in my searches and email. My husband recommended Android too as it is friendly to conservative people like me. The only difference is that Samsung Galaxy has larger internal memory and Motorola Defy XT doesn’t have one. To me, I won’t mind the internal memory very much. Like my experience with my camera, it uses the external memory a lot which is in a SD card. You can either buy a larger memory in Micro SD card on smartphones or lock into 2 GB storage for Motorola XT. The price on the Samsung Galaxy is around $345 and the Motorola Defy is around $199. Both still needs phone cards when you buy them. I think I’m going to buy the Motorola Defy. We shall see. How about you, what’s your smartphone model?

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