Our Chocolate World Trip

I just saw this souvenir we had in Chocolate World while cleaning my luggage the other day. Imagine this happened July this year and until now my luggage is pretty much full of stuff. Laughs.



As I was saying in my previous posts, I have to get ready on my Philippine trip which is next month so I want ¬†use the same luggage again. I remember how enchanting it was to visit Hershey Chocolate World a few months ago. We got to witness how this Famous Chocolate is made in it’s very own tourist factory. All that lovely Chocolate smell is so delicious and be prepared not to be swooned on the Gift Shop after your tour because there’s just lots of goodies! I bought quite a few stuff and among it is this family photo souvenir. It was for $15 and it has a nice entrance picture of the building. How about you, do you want to visit Hershey Chocolate World? Have you witnessed how the Hershey Kisses were made?

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