Irresistable Graeter’s Ice Cream Review

Everyone loves to eat ice cream in our house. I’m sure you do too! It’s always a good idea to try different brands of ice creams out there so you can taste many flavors. I have a favorite flavor myself and I also like to be adventurous to taste other flavors too!

I am so happy that Graeter’s ice cream sent me coupons to redeem some pints of their ice cream flavors. Luckily there’s a Giant Eagle Grocery store, about 1 and a half hour drive from our place, and I got to choose 3 different flavors to taste. There’s only a limited selection in their store displaying only 3 flavors. The three flavors were Mint chocolate chip, Chocolate chocolate chip and Black Raspberry  chocolate chip. The distinctive flavors were all so good especially that gourmet chocolate chips are mixed into them. That’s right, it’s not your ordinary chocolate chip folks, they’re so silky and smooth that melt in your tongue! Graeter’s has been well known to be a favorite ice cream to many celebrities out there. Their secret is to make ice cream in an old fashioned way called “French Pot Process”. It’s a handmade way of making ice cream to have that irresistible creaminess texture and they make them 2 gallons at a time. What a special and hardworking business, indeed!

Check out their Facebook page here and like them to get awesome promotions and discounts! When you get a chance to taste their ice cream, try the Black raspberry flavor first! I love that flavor too!


 The coupons I received for free pints.


 The Graeter’s ice cream display at Giant Eagle store, Titusville, PA.


 I got the Chocolate chocolate chip, Black raspberry chocolate chip and Mint chocolate chip flavors.


 I shared the pints to 4 more folks so they can enjoy it too. They say it’s very tasty and hope to buy more of it.

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this promotion. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of other consumers.

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