White Beach Moments – Part 1

I miss my parents. To be honest, my one month stay in Philippines last month was not enough. So many things has changed… with gentle and thoughtfulness from other people. For having not seen their Grand children and daughter for 5 years, they still show love to us while we stayed in their house. I’m so happy about that. I’m glad that my father changed. I thought he will still ignore me but he didn’t. We talked, we laughed, we hugged… I felt tears running down my cheeks at the moment. I thank God for this blessings and miracles that He has given me. Everything is impossible and I’m glad we strengthen each other’s bonding ones again. I look forward in the next years to see them again, Godwilling.

This picture is taken at Dumaluan White Beach Resort in Bohol, Philippines. It’s a beautiful small resort. Perfect for Family gatherings. My parents said it has been a long time they haven’t been to a beach until I came there. Things has been very expensive. They are so happy to experience it while I’m there.


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