Ready to Buy

This guest post from Werner Rogers

I’ve spent a lot of time looking and I think I’m ready to put down an offer on my first place. I’m nervous because it’s just a lot of money and I hate to see all the savings I’ve been building up just disappear in one day like that! But it’s the next step in becoming an adult and I know it’s the right thing to do, particularly if I want to propose to Elena soon, which I do. I can’t wait for us to start a home together and finally begin our married life – we’ve been dating for 5 years so I think everyone is wondering what the hold up is! She’s been my wingman on the house searches and she loves the one I think I’m going to go for which is partly why I want to put the offer down. She’s really responsible and has even helped me apply for the loan and all that. She sent me a link last week to learn more about energy providers in my area and water companies, too, and she even called First Choice Energy to talk to them about therms and meters! I love that about her, she’s such a get up and go kind of girl, and I don’t have to hold her hand. She’s really independent which is totally different from any other girl I’ve ever dated but I think that’s what makes us work so well. Elena’s mom has already given me permission to marry her and I know that she’s the one so after I get this house it will only be a few weeks until I ask her to marry me. Now I’ve got to figure out how to do it in a way that’s exciting and special and in a way that means she’ll totally be surprised! I think that’s what I’m most nervous about at the end of the day – that someone else is going to ruin the surprise. She’s terrible at being surprised, too, because she always has to know everything that’s coming.

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