Carefree Hair Styling for Women

It is very important to take good care of your hair. Whether you’re a man or woman, it always bring us happiness to have healthy, shining looking hair. How can you style your hair without fiddling very much with it though? There is now a magic solution to that which is Permanent Hair straightening, curling and even the length of hair can stay shorter.

One should follow some basic steps before doing a hair style. First is to know what texture your hair has. There are three types of hair texture, they are straight, curly or wavy. This is very important in order to know what kind of strength you need when buying hair shampoo and conditioner. Next is to know the thickness of your hair. Many hair stylists used a tying with a rubber band technique to determine the thickness of your hair. If you can tie it 3 times then your hair is medium, more than that is fine and if it’s less than three times tying, it’s thick. If you have a thick hair like me, I read that it shouldn’t be towel dried before blow drying. It is best to blow dry thick hair when it’s still wet. Use a ceramic hair curler when you want curls in your hair as it has even heat temperature in it. If you are a busy or office worker type of a person, who wants less time in taking care of your hair, you might want to consider having a permanent hair treatment. It will stop your hair from growing for a few months and that means it will be easy to wash and comb. I’m sure there are lots of hair style tips out there and I hope you will share your experience too!

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