Scooter Boxes

It was in the afternoon yesterday I found out that two big boxes were dropped in our porch. I am so excited when I found out that it’s from Kickboard USA who are sending two new scooters.

I thought that was generous of them to approve me to review their product for this. My two boys can’t wait to see what’s inside the box and so I opened it and found out that they sent us two scooters. I thought they are going to send one and I’m happy that they sent two so the boys won’t be jealous to one another. Boys will be boys, you know. I need to find a new helmet for Vince before they can try scootering around their room. It will be much more fun if they could try them outside but it’s snowing, so definitely not a good idea. Have to check if the Skater rink is open tomorrow. Oh well, it’s gonna be more fun for the boys soon!


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