Visit Community Home in Cullasaja

North Carolina has lots of scenic sites to offer. Considering a vacation there is always relaxing and romantic. They are very well known of the UNESCO world heritage site such as the Great Smoky mountain. Other scenic sites are the Blue Ridge mountains, Great Balsam mountains and Black mountains. It is a huge state with lots of beautiful mountain landscapes.

One particular place to see that has been a private retreat site there is at Cullasaja. It is located in Macon County. What’s beautiful about this place is that it is within the Blue Ridge mountains and has neighboring waterfalls. Cullasaja Falls is very popular and is very well known for being the last major waterfall on the Cullasaja River. The meaning of Cullasaja is “Honey Locust” which is derived from a deciduous tree. If you’re looking for vacation retreats in Cullasaja, consider looking at Highlands NC golf communities today. Experience living in a community surrounded with Nature’s best scenic wonders. They offer golf courses, fitness personal training, pool and lake activities, and other activities that your kids and family will enjoy your stay.

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