Grocery Shopping with Coupons? Avoid These Mistakes & Save More

Clipping and shopping with coupons can help you cut your grocery bill in a big way. However, there are some coupon mistakes that can end up costing you more money than you are actually saving. To get the most out of your couponing, make sure you avoid the common coupon mistakes listed below.

Always Combine Coupons with Store Sales

The number one rule in couponing is never to buy anything at its full price. Items always go on sale, so if you use a coupon on a full price item, you aren’t saving as much money as you could of had you waited till it was on sale. Combining sale prices with coupons can help shoppers buy items for their rock bottom price.

Read Coupons Carefully

Treat your coupons like real money. When you are planning a shopping trip, make sure you read the coupons you are planning to use carefully. Every coupon has an expiration date and product specifications. In order to save the most money, make sure you adhere to the coupon guidelines clearly written on the coupon. Trying to use coupons that are expired or for the wrong product will not save you money. The cashier will catch the error and you won’t be able to use those coupons. This means you have to put back the products you selected or buy items at their full price.

Understand Store Coupon Policies

Different stores handle coupons differently. For instance, some stores won’t accept coupons printed from the Internet, and others limit the amount of coupons one customer can use in a single day. In order to maximize your savings, obtain a copy of a store’s coupon policy before you begin planning your shopping trip. Many retailers provide a copy of their coupon policy online, which makes planning from home easy. If you have any questions about the language on the policy, make sure to call the store and speak with the manager before you arrive at the store.

Resist Using Every Coupon You Clip

As an avid couponer, you likely have an abundance of coupons. However, it is important to resist buying products just because you clipped a coupon for them. In fact, many coupons don’t equate to huge savings, so it is better to skip those types of deals altogether.

Resist Printing an Abundance of Internet Coupons

Printing Internet coupons from home is easy and convenient. However, if you print every coupon you come across, you won’t end up saving a great deal of money. This is true because printing coupons from home uses printer ink, which can be quite expensive. When you print coupons you aren’t going to use, or coupons that expire before you get a chance to use them, you are essentially throwing money away, which defeats the purpose of couponing to begin with. To avoid this, only print Internet coupons that you know you are going to use for sure.

With a little practice and patience, avoiding the common couponing mistakes above will become easy and will allow you to keep more money in your pocket.

Kara Fielder is a working mom with two kids. She enjoys sharing her tips and tricks on frugal living by blogging regularly for a variety of websites. Click for onlineĀ savings codes.

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