Copper Art

Have you considered copper as an art medium? I never thought of it myself because it’s one of those cheap material and it might be flimsy. But when I got to attend one of the Art meetings to one of the local groups that I’m a member of, I am so amazed! She was able to make jewelries, mirror frames, wall tiles, garden accessories and lots of stuff.

The name of the artist is Copper Lady and she’s the only artist in our group that’s very professional on making copper art.

She showed us her materials on how to make it, she has a collection of cute hammers, pliers and other stuff that she recycled to mold the copper to have interesting embossed designs in it. Like for instance, she wants scales on a fish copper pattern, she can really do it and the final product has solid 2d looks in it. Anyhow, ain’t this an amazing idea for a small business?

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