First Meeting With Grandparents

We arrived in Mactan International Airport in Cebu, Philippines. My parents was surprised that the Korean Air from Incheon International Airport is going to arrive one hour early than the time reflected in our itinerary.

My boys and their faces looks so shabby and tired from the long trip. Thank God we arrived safe and sound.

My arrival to Cebu the first time is smooth. I took my kids with me to the Immigration counter and our passports got arrival date stamps. I immediately took the kids outside the entrance door as I know my parents has been waiting for us there. We exchanged hugs and I let them took care of my kids for a few minutes because I have to get back inside and fetch my two luggage. I didn’t have to pay for a porter or anything as I was able to manage strolling my luggage alone and it was just a short distance from the carriage pick up to the entrance door. My parents are so happy to see their grandchildren at last and for the very first time. It’s been 5 years that they haven’t seen me after I joined my husband in the US.


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