First Arrival To Home In Bohol

It took 2 hours for our Fastcraft ship to arrive from Cebu to Bohol, Philippines. By the time we got to Tagbilaran City, Bohol’s port, my relatives was there to welcome us. My brother is the one driving my parent’s multicab. My sister weren’t able to come because she has to attend her college classes.

This is the master’s bedroom in ¬†my parent’s house.

It took us 35 minutes from there to arrive at my parent’s house. By the time we arrived in the house, my mother showed us our room. They let us stay in their master’s bedroom. I noticed there were changes in the room. Two of the windows were closed and the third one has frames and glass in it to make the room brighter during the day. They installed an air conditioner and we felt the room was cool when we got inside. My kids enjoyed the bed and I’m sure they were happy to find a cool room after feeling the hot weather outside.

 George enjoyed our big bed to sleep in.

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