Spring Flu Recovery Tips

Outbreak of common Flu symptoms occurs especially during Spring. There are many factors that triggers common flu and it is usually the change  from cold to warm weather, pollen allergies, exposure to many people in public places, strenuous exercise and other environmental exposure. Having a common flu during spring is normal but can be very uncomfortable. There are home and medical remedies for this and it is important not to go beyond it like taking nasal spray that could lead to afrin addiction that is an unhealthy quick remedy.

Taking over the counter medicine that has acetaminophen can alleviate fever and body malaise caused by common flu. Drink plenty of water. Fruits like strawberry are in peak during spring and eating them and drinking other juices with vitamin C will prevent yourself from dehydration. Avoid excessive exercise if you have Flu because you releasing too much energy which your body to produce antibodies. Get lots of bed rest to avoid stress in your body. If you use lozenges, use them only in 2 or 3 days and don’t wait that your soar throat will subside from taking it because they can cover bacterial symptoms like strep throat. Consult your doctor when unusual symptoms exist like if your fever and respiratory breathing lasts more than 3 weeks or more. Have a safe and healthy Spring season everyone!

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  • MzBaker says:

    In February I went to ER cause I was so sick! It started with the flu and then turned into bronchitis and I ended up being sick over a month. I’m so glad I’m feeling better now. It’s been a long time since I was sick like that, it included an ear ache to which I haven’t had since I was like 8 years old. :) I drank as much fluids as I could, I wasnt able to eat to much though. The flu is a icky horrible thing! I dislike it!

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