Trip To A.C. Moore

I had a blast going to the Milcreek Mall in Erie, PA yesterday. My good neighbor invited me as her escort passenger in a TAWC residential bus for senior citizen.


It was my first time to ride in a senior citizen bus and it was very comfortable. She said she only have to pay $0.25 for every stop that the bus will take us. We had three stops, one on our way to the Asian Market in Erie, one to the Mall and one for going back home. At the mall, we visited many shops. We went to A.C. Moore first where you can buy lots of crafts and arts stuff. I am impressed of their huge outlet inside the mall. They have Spring and Summer sale already. I am interested of buying beads on sale but I ended up buying 2 kids sunglasses. Laughs. I’m planning to go back there someday when I have some jewelry style in mind. My friend and I are trying on this cute visors. I also saw a nice floral arrangement inside. A strand of plastic flower is around $1.99. They are nice because they look like real flowers unlike the ones you buy in dollar stores.

How about you, where do you shop for art stuff? Have you been in an A.C. Moore?

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