Throwing Boomerangs

This Thursday, we went to one of the open fields in Betts Park and did something fun activity as a family. My bro in law went with us and brought us some boomerangs. My husband said it reminds him of his Dad who’s favorite sport is throwing boomerangs in this field.

They have been teaching Little G in throwing boomerang andĀ Frisbee long time ago. I’m impressed of seeing him throwing boomerang so high and it did some turn. My husband encouraged me to throw a boomerang at that time but I am afraid that I might hit someone. They still insist of teaching me how and I got to throw one and I liked it! It’s exciting to see a boomerang coming back at them but none came back to me. There was one that I almost caught. My husband said you have to throw the boomerang with some wrist motion and against the wind. I wish we can do this again as I really want to catch my boomerang next time. I love this beautiful weather lately that we can do more family time outdoors. How about you, have you tried throwing boomerang before?

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