Front Yard Flowers

My kids joined me in exploring the surroundings of our house lately. There’s so many things to be done. Mostly taking out weeds, fixing some landscaping in the front and back yards and doing some vegetable gardening.


I’m happy to see more of the Spring flowers blooming in the right side of theĀ entranceĀ in our house. The ones in the left side had lots of blooms but tall weeds needs to be taken out. I need more time to do this though. The creeping phlox like the once on top of the background in this picture, gets most of the attention when neighbors pass by our house because they cascade on the side of the hill. If you look closely in this picture, my son’s hand is fascinated of the bleeding hearts. I saw one strand of its flowers on on either side of the entrance a week ago, but two days ago, it has more strands of flowers in it. I think it liked the rainy days lately. How about you, how’s your garden lately?

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