Ways To Protect Online Identity

With the rising gadgets that can connect you and everyone in your family in the internet, it is necessary to think extra careful on how you share your personal information. Did you know that identity theft online has been one of the growing crimes here in the US? Some of these problems even occurred that the hacker is from outside the US.

There are ways to protect your online identity at home. As a parent, remind your kids when they check their emails and any messages from the internet that they should not open or entertain emails that asks their name, date of birth, bank account, address and phone number. These fraud emails can be in a form of prizes won from sweepstakes that they themselves didn’t enter, or from somebody’s email that they don’t know who it is. When entering public sites like Facebook, Twitter and etc, remind them to always log out after using it. It’s also not a good habit to let the computer remember your username and password. It is a vulnerable way of leaving personal information open to internet thefts. When connecting your office network from your home computer, be sure to use your work’s personal VPN┬áto ensure that all data from your personal info at work will be encrypted and won’t be recognized by anybody like hackers who might get through your home’s network. In case if you have a secure vpn connection at home so you can access your home files while on vacation, in a hotel or away from home, make sure that you are the only one who knows the data security information of your private network as connecting to hotel’s wifi and any public internet connection is susceptible to internet theft.

I once experienced that my bank account got hacked. I was using one of those free internet messengers and it suddenly took out $120 from my bank account. I contacted the internet messenger’s costumer service but no luck. The second thing I did is to contact my bank and told them that this internet messenger took out money without my permission and that I didn’t subscribe anything in a form of payment in their service. What my bank did is that they filed a petition to get my money back from this internet messenger and luckily after a few weeks, I got my money back. It was a scary experience! I will be careful in using my bank account.

Hope you guys learned something good that protects your personal information today!

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  • My iTunes account got hacked and a bunch of money was taken out of my account. I have since deleted my information and only use iTune cards now.

  • Nicole A. says:

    I’ve read horror stories about someones identity be taken. I think it’s disgusting that other people make a living doing this.

  • jheylo says:

    I think this is a must have especially when we shop online most of the time.

  • I hate that the internet has made it so easy for the dishonest. I love that there are ways to protect us coming out, especially to protect our kids.

  • bonnie holt says:

    Its crazy how this has became a issue. Nothing is safe no more but articles like your s help people to understand the devastation it can cause .

  • Cyndie says:

    Great tips. I need these.

  • becca says:

    great tips on keeping your family safe thank you

  • Michele says:

    Very good advise–glad your bank was able to get your money back-not everyone is that lucky!

  • Joy H says:

    Thanks for sharing some helpful tips on how to protect identity. These are indeed important in order to protect our future online transactions.

  • Bless says:

    With all the scammers doing nowadays, we need to protect our identity and making sure we have online protection, not giving out info when we do not know who is asking.

  • jheylo says:

    Its better to be safe than sorry, we should consider this so we can be protected online.

  • jenn says:

    these are great tips. we experienced having our credit cards used for something we didn’t buy. fortunately that was easy to refute though. but stealing identities and hacking personal files are rampant so we do need really to be careful.

  • Corinne says:

    This is a big problem among military personnel so we are extremely careful. A friend of ours was the victim of identity theft and it took YEARS for her to straighten everything out and get her credit cleared up. Definitely do what you can to prevent it!

  • That sucks! That was really a bad experienced. I’m glad there are ways now available to protect our identities online.

  • MzBaker says:

    My computers and websites have been hacked before, but I smartened up and got good protection on both!

  • Rcel says:

    Indeed, the advent of the internet poses dangers in our identity. We can only be extra careful and wise in our usage. I always caution my daughter to never click on ads when she’s browsing the net. So far, so good!

  • Adin B says:

    It sure is a scary thing when you talk about Identity Theft. Oh dear! It sure pays to always be cautious and look for ways to protect your identity online. Thanks for sharing!

  • April says:

    thank you for the tips. very helpful.

  • Shydub says:

    Online and offline are not safe with theft these days. Even this theft have updated their gadget. We should keep an eye and be vigilant all the time with our personal belongings and personal identification, Be extra careful in filling up forms online. Thanks for sharing this post, this may serve as warning to all of us

  • amiableamy says:

    That is really important that every member in the family will be forewarned what threats are out there. Most vulnerable are the kids and the adults who don’t know about phishing stuffs. One click and identity theft will get them.

  • That’s very scary experience. We usually use credit card instead of bank card then we just pay it off with the bank card. There are so many sick people out there who tries to rip people off.

  • Nova S says:

    There are so many ways to hack your profile online. The best thing to protect them is by simply following your suggestions. Thank you for sharing.

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