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Have you used a nursing pillow as an arm support in either bottle feeding or breastfeeding your baby? Either you’re a Mom, Dad or Caregiver to your baby, you can now use a nursing pillow for a comfortable and relaxing moment in bonding with your baby!

I found this Comfort & Harmony mombo Slipcover in Coo Coo Congo at ToysRUs site for $12.99.

There are lots of good benefits on owning a nursing pillow. It is popularly used by Nursing Moms in breastfeeding their baby. It will keep the baby elevated at chest or breast level so they will have a proper latch-on, at the same time keeping Mom’s elbows relaxed. When Dad help Mom in feeding their baby by bottle feeding, they too can use the nursing pillow to support their arm and by keeping baby close to their chest so they can hear their heart beat. Babies are more relaxed and comforted when they bond with Mom and Dad by feeling their warmth and sound of their heart beat.

One of the best nursing pillow I know is the mombo™ created by Comfort & Harmony. Their nursing pillow  has a unique shape and has a two-sided design called Firm2Soft™.  The firm side gives essential support for the nursing Mom in feeding her baby. The soft side is extra cozy which gives an inviting place for lounging or tummy time. It has a vibration feature to give your baby the ultimate soothing experience while lounging.

You can check out mombo’s assortment of pillow styles and slipcover fashions at your nearest ToysRUs or BabiesRUS store today! Check out Comfort & Harmony on Facebook today and don’t forget to like them. Follow them also at Comfort & Harmony on Twitter now to keep updated of their new style of nursing pillows and other products. You can order them online if you like! They are great gift to couples and parents expecting a baby.

This is me and my first baby when he was 11 months old. The nursing pillow protects him from rolling over the couch. He loves his tummy time in it.

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  • joy h says:

    We had the same pillow mommy. I had the same one when my little girl was about his age. He was so cute!

  • Rcel says:

    As a mom to two girls, nursing pillow was one of my fave props! I was breastfeeding and it gave me so much comfort in my arms compared to breastfeeding without it.

  • jheylo says:

    This pillow is very useful especially for our newborn. I have one like this too and sold it years later.

  • Pinx says:

    i never had this stuff back home. maybe it wasn’t available that time in our place mommy Mel. anyway, i just use my arms to put my two boys in while i nurse them. that way i feel closest to them and there’s that different bond when our skins touch and when they are close to me. nonetheless, this pillow is great as well for other mom-baby activities too.

  • Bless says:

    Nursing pillow is my friend too when our girls were little ones. It helps when I was breastfeeding and tummy time for the little ones.

  • I really love the nursing pillow. When i looked at my old albums and see pictures of my son when he was a baby, brought tears to my eyes. i cannot believe that his preemie who weighs 5 lbds 4 0z when he was born and now weighs 77 pounds and almost as tall as me :-) I love the picture Mommy Mel, so sweet so precious :-)

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