Visit The Empire State

Have you visited any city in the Empire State other than the New York City? Did you know that NYC is just a tiny part of the New York state? Yes. The New York state or the Empire state is one of the large states here in the Northeast Coast. It has 10 regions, 62 cities and it’s divided into Upstate and Downstate New York.

There are lots of beautiful cities that consists the Upstate New York. For most Country-side and Scenic Nature lovers, you’ll probably want to visit cities in the Upstate NY. You might want to check out New York Summer Camps in Merill City and visit the Whiteface Mountain near there. The Arindorack Mountains has famous Alpine views and it’s right around this region. It’s a perfect location for Hiking and Mountain climbing sport. The Tibbits Lighthouse is where you can see a vast view of Lake Ontario. The Goat Island in the Niagara Falls is also an exciting place to explore where you’ll feel the vibration or strength of the flowing water. For those who are Busy-city lovers, the cities in Downstate New York will probably make you feel not much change and it has more traffic.┬áThe five boroughs, which is part of New York City and Long Island regions is what mostly consist of the Downstate NY.

Having lived in the city here in Pennsylvania, where it is near the border of New York State, it gave me an opportunity to visit some cities between this two beautiful states. In New York State, I have been to the Niagara Falls in Buffalo City, Rochester City, Syracuse City, and New York City. Each city has it’s own charm and they’re amazing to explore even for just 3 days, a week or even a month!

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