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How are you doing with your Summer activities? Do you often go outside and apply lotion to protect your skin from sun damage? Although many times we hear that sun can do either small or large amounts of damage to our skin, it is still very beneficial for our body if we properly expose and spend proper time with it. It is not true that the sun is our enemy, it has vital source of Vitamin D and other minerals too!

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As for me, I am careful not to overexpose my skin outside when Summer sets in. My dermatologist already warned me that I should make sure to wear thin and soft long sleeves as my skin is sensitive. He also said that if ever I wear short sleeves, I should apply skin products, like lotion and creams, that has more natural ingredients in it. If I find a product that says All-natural or Organic ingredients in it, it is a jackpot find but the downside is that it has to be consumed in a number of weeks or months and has to be stored in the refrigerator.

One of the All-natural skin care product I know is at Tree Hut. I am interested to try their Tree Hut foot cream and Tree Hut hand cream to make my feet and arms feel smooth and healthy when doing my walks or being exposed to sun outdoors. What makes their products different from other skin care products available in the market is that it has lots of organic ingredients in it. It also made in the USA, paraben FREE and no DMDM. They also don’t test their products to animals which is nice. I like it that their products are non-greasy when applied to skin. I immediately like Tree Hut on Facebook and I hope you like them too! I followed Tree Hut on Twitter to learn more about their new products and tips on skin care. I’m inviting you guys to follow them in twitter too! If you like to try their products, you can find them at Walmart stores nationwide.

This summer, I’m planning to wear something with fresh style and bright colors in it. What do you think of  this #NaturalBeauty clothing style that I posted in Polyvore?

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