Summer Camp Last Day

We enjoyed the three days that we spent in the YMCA Summer camp. The host was nice and very creative in making the Jump and Jive theme a success for the kids. Although there were three other kids who joined the camp, my 4 year old got to be friends with them so quickly. He learned his friend’s names and we got lucky that one of them is living 2 blocks from our house. The kids got a fun ride on the third day of the camp where the Wagon Man appeared. They got to ride in it!


There were games, coloring, tumbling, digging treasures, biking and wagon ride in the camp. My son is so happy to participate each activity. We also love that there’s swimming in each day and he got to improve his swimming with a bubble in those days.

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  • joy h says:

    I’m thinking of putting my son into a summer camp just to make him friends and also to occupied his summer time with things to do just like your boy! He surely had a blast the whole time. Too sad it’s the last day of it which I’m sure there’s another summer camp again next year.

    • admin says:

      Let your son join a kids camp there too sis. It’s really fun looking at them enjoying other kids company. Yep, there will be another camp on August.

  • Oh how nice it is that your boys are attending summer camp na sis.

  • Rcel says:

    That was fun, Mommy Mel, I can tell! The Y has great summer programs that kids can enjoy. No summer camp for our Triz at the Y but she has swimming lessons starting next week.

    • admin says:

      That’s cool mommy Rcel that you let Triz join a swimming class. It’s fun seeing them enjoy other kids company in camps and other activities at the Y.

  • jheylo says:

    Sounds like a fun summer camp. And you son enjoyed it for sure, I can tell by the look for his face in the photos.

  • Pinx says:

    you’re done with summer camp already mommy Mel? we haven’t started yet! i do plan to become a member of YMCA because I know that they have a lot of programs for every member of the family. i will surely visit our YMCA here. anyway, by the looks of your little boy, he surely had so much fun there.

  • Bless says:

    This is surely a great way to keep our kids from being bored at home during summer. We are planning to enroll at YMCA too. The only thing that keep me form doing so is the drive. It’s a bit far from where we are at.

    • admin says:

      That’s awesome mommy Bless that you’re going to subscribe membership at the Y. Subscribing as a family will save you more cost there. Plus you’ll get more savings (half off) during their camps and other activities for kids.

  • Awww! Look how adorable and George is gotten so big Mommy Mel :-) He sure had a blast at summer camp :-) I received some flyers from my kids folders and thinking of enrolling them :-) You give me an idea to enroll them. It looks fun :-) and meeting new friends is the best :-)

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