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Have you ever thought of getting a bathroom tissue that’s soft and gives you pure comfort, before and after using it? With the new White Cloud luxuriously soft bathroom tissue, you’ll love the comfort level that will make you feel you’re taken into the clouds.

Here’s my video about White Cloud Bathroom Tissue.

I’ve been through that feeling in a white cloud or in heavenly thoughts, especially when my husband tells me and shows me his tender ways of love. In “White cloud” for me means feeling the gentle love and affection. When I got to use White Cloud bathroom tissue, I’m reminded of that love and affection feeling. I know this is an essential material to have in every bathrooms but I felt curious of how they make it. There’s got to be a reason why they named this tissue as White Cloud and I’m surprised to learn that it is made using an innovative manufacturing technology called “TAD” or “Through Air Dried”. I said to myself “Wow”, this is really great as I thought bathroom tissues are just paper processed. The real thing is, there are lots of methods on how paper products are made. Some are bad and some are good ways to manufacture it. I’m just happy that I got to use White Cloud because this TAD method is simply the safest and it’s hygienic.

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