Fun Horizontal Bar Gymnastics

Little G is starting to get used on this horizontal bar gymnastics. I am so proud of my little guy. I really didn’t expect that he would do that. Whenever I fetch him from his tumbling class and I asked him how was it, he just says he’s just a kid to do it and it’s kind of difficult. Other than that though, he still didn’t want to miss going to the class. It’s kinda weird, but I guess he’s enjoying the attention and being with other kids his age.


Little G doing horizontal bar gymnastics.

The Y offered this class 45 minutes for 2 days a week. There were a total of 8 days to complete the class. I observed him in the first 2 days in his class and I noticed that goes to the side and watched the other kids doing it. After a few minutes he goes back to the group and join them again. I am just glad that he’s trying his best especially that it’s his first time to follow instructions from another teacher aside me. My purpose of letting him join this class is aside from learning how to be fit, I’d like to see him being together with kids his age. How about you, do you enroll your kids to fitness class too?

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