Simple Birthday Preparation Tips

I always keep in mind to make my kid’s birthday preparation simple as possible. I like it that we have a nice preparation with minimal expense. So if you’re a frugal parent like me who still wants a nice birthday celebration for your kids, this tips might help you.


Always keep 5 to 7 food preparations in mind. Browse early in finding easy food to cook that will take out less of your time. Host a potluck party perhaps to get more food in your table. Plan the reception in your church or a park. It’s free and you don’t have to let your visitors pay for a parking fee and others. As for the baking the cake, just choose to buy a cake mix, make butter icing and some food coloring and gel icing pens for the decoration. I spent less than 10 bucks for my kid’s birthday cakes. I saved more than buying expensive cakes with lots of food coloring that might harm your kids behavior during the party.

Here’s my simple birthday preparation for my eldest son’s birthday this month. I cooked 2 main dishes, steamed string beans with pineapples and steamed embutido. I baked the cake and decorated it and steamed a tray of puto cheese (my son’s favorite). I washed some strawberries and mixed confectioner’s sugar with cream cheese for the filling. Since the cake is about Nemo, I bought a table cover at walmart for less than $6 that has sea theme in it too. I blow up some balloons and decorated the table a little bit. And there you go, my son was happy and everyone enjoyed his birthday. And as for the Mom, though tired and exhausted, felt proud that she accomplished something big and important that only happens once a year.

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