Uncle’s Newly Painted Room

We are looking at my Mom in law’s house restoration progress after a housefire. I have been writing about it in my previous posts so here’s one of the photos. This is the newly painted room of my son’s Uncle. We were not allowed to go inside his room before but after the housefire, we were able to because we want to see how it looks like now that everything is restored.


The newly painted room.

Thank God that everything is getting better at my Mom in law’s house. We’ve been praying about it and God has answered prayers little at a time. It’s been 8 months now since the housefire. My bro in law’s is the only room upstairs that has brand new restoration. Well, except for that one window on the side and the floor. Everything else is newly painted and new materials. George and I likes the color of his room though. The light blue painting does have some calm effect, brightens the room with one window and makes the space larger as it is very tight in this room.

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