Aquarium At Walmart

We just had our grocery shopping in preparation for July 4th celebration at Walmart yesterday. I took the kids first at the Aquarium area so they will be entertained and do less whining when I shop. My eldest told me that he wants a new fish so that his Beta pet at home will have a new friend. I told him that Beta fish doesn’t like a new fish inside it’s bowl. Of course he insisted to have a new one but I didn’t buy him one. My youngest enjoyed the view of fish in the aquariums.


Fish Aquariums at Walmart.

I like the ones that shows neon colors. I saw that there was an aquarium kit where it has a specialized light to make the fish appear in neon colors. That was really something. Wish we will have one someday but only when the kids know how to do a big job of cleaning an aquarium.

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