New Maple Wood China Hutch

One of the yard sale find that we saw a month ago was this China Hutch made in Maple wood. My Mom in law was with me and I recommended it to her as I know she needs furniture in her house after the housefire. The seller told us that she wants to sell the whole dining set and not by pieces. The whole set with this hutch, buffet, huge dining table and 6 chairs were cost a $400.


The China Hutch.

 I whispered to my Mom in law to lower it down and they settle for $300. She immediately made a trip to the bank and bought the whole set. She told me that she will just give me the whole set, instead of having it for her house. She said, she wanted to give us something after the kindness of letting them stay in their house for 8 months. My mind is in battle between accepting it or not as I recommended it to her the first place so she can have new furniture in her house. They haven’t transferred in their house yet, her two sons brought the heavy table and chairs in our dining room and the other furniture is in our garage. I liked the whole set. But for you, should I accept her offer?

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  • Elisebet F says:

    If she can afford it, then sure! Accept it, unless you think it would make things weird between you two.

  • I would have to respectfully decline the gift. As a family, this is something that you do for one another when in a time of need. Explain to her that as much as you do like the set you would rather her keep it for herself. Also say that you will be able to enjoy it every time you go over for coffee, a holiday, etc.

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