How the Whole Student is Nurtured at the Australian Christian College

The goal at the Australian Christian College is to provide nurturing to each individual child. This is done by providing a Christian atmosphere that develops every student spiritually, socially, physically and academically. The Caboolture schools have developed a successful itinerary that revolves around developing each student in three different educational levels.

Primary School P-6

In the primary school, students are taught to learn and develop basic arithmetic, writing and reading skills. This establishes a base from which students can build on as they advance through their learning years. All these skills become highly developed so that no learning gaps will arise later. This is accomplished by:

  • A solid study of basic literacy in math and English.
  • Integrating the latest advances in technology and education into the learning process.
  • Small class sizes for individual attention.

Middle School 7 – 9

The process begins to sharpen their God-given talents. Students become of aware of their strengths and weaknesses and learn ways to embrace their education. They become inquisitive and ask the big questions. The program offers:

  • Education in math, Bible, technology, history, sports and music.
  • Leadership training.
  • An Apple technology computer lab.

Senior College 10 – 12

At this last level, students are prepared for life after school through advanced learning techniques. Their God-given talent is formed so they can discover meaning in Christ. Their studies will include physics, biology, business communication, recreational studies, math, English and Bible.

This program is designed to prepare a student for life and give them a meaningful and well-rounded educational perspective that is based upon an understanding of the Bible and Christ.

Guest post by Cathy D

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