Five Steps In Designing Your Living Room

The living room is considered to be one of the most visited room in many houses. It is where families watch movies together and it is also where home owners entertain their guests. A very important feature of a living room is to make it comfortable and convenient for everyone. In order to achieve this, homeowners need to learn how to design their living room.

Here are five steps that you might want to consider when designing your living room. First is to figure out how small or big your living room space is. Small living room needs to have less furniture or furniture that shows its legs. Large room has more space for large furniture and it will increase distance and vision comfort for the eyes. After you figure out the space for your living room, choose the paint color. These days, painting the walls lasts longer than wall papers. The rule of thumb is to choose a living room theme. Keep in mind that light colors are nice as it achieves wide perspective like when you’re sitting down onĀ delightfully comfortable sofasĀ and that other furniture will blend all together in one room. It will also help circulate air freely. The third thing to consider after the color of the room is the arrangement of your sofa and other furniture. It helps if the arrangement look cozy especially in a large room and that it will avoid furniture to look like they’re floating. Make the furniture meet at the center by adding a rug as it draws a focal point in the room. After arranging your furniture, arrange the lighting. Lights add more space and avoids traffic in the room because paths are easy to see. And last but not the least, add mirrors to a couple walls of the room. Adding mirrors may seem to be an old trick in decorating a room but it still helps in increasing depth and space in a living room.

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