Good business attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, FL are hard to find

So a business partner and I are starting a new restaurant concept and we’re at the point now where we have to incorporate along with doing all of the other forms, paying fees, getting licenses and opening business banking accounts so that we can secure our first round of funding. The time is now to get this going. So we’ve been looking for relatively inexpensive ways to accomplish said task.

Well we looked in to the “do it yourself” companies out there like Legal Zoom but we’re finding that they leave much to be desired. You see Legal Zoom is not, let me repeat, is not considered legal advice in any way shape or form. If you choose a service like this you are choosing to go it alone. And we’ve found out the hard way that the only thing they do provide are the forms that you need to file in order to start the business structure that you want to start. Now whether that is the correct business structure or not, Legal Zoom will never tell you.

Now if my partner and I go on and guess what the best corporate structure would be for our restaurant we’re going to look like dupes to our investors if we’re wrong. We can’t afford to look like dupes.

So we jumped on Google and did a search for attorneys, Fort Lauderdale, FL. One of the first ones that popped up was Cobb Eddy Mijares, PLLC. We liked the vibe but also the professionalism and knowledge of this group of guys. They’re a very down to earth boutique firm that can answer all of your questions, correctly.

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