Happy G And Mommy At Church

One Sunday afternoon, the parish priest in our church held a 2 hour conference for the adults and movie time for the kids after the Latin mass. It was a beautiful day to do it and it left the parishioners feeling grateful to be part of the church activity and having a nice pastor.


G & me at the entrance of our church.

I feel blessed to have a husband who is supportive and active at church. He always leads us to seek God everyday and especially on Sundays. I felt how tremendous God’s love is during mass and the love circulating in our family and friends through acts of praying and helping one another. I know life is not perfect, but I believe the only thing that will make it complete is to see God after death. I know it’s not easy as we are not equal to God. We have to honor God as he is a loving Father who likes to be praised from all the good works He has done for us in this world. Hope you’ll encounter God’s goodness today and being able to share that blessing to your loved one, friends and others. God Bless You!

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