I found my firm on accident, or upon accident

Finding an accident attorney is as easy as walking out your front door and looking for the first billboard or the side of a city bus that you can see, but finding a good accident attorney that will seriously help you out is a lot more difficult. I know personally because I was rear ended in an accident recently at Broward Blvd and Federal. Now before you judge let me explain. I am definitely not one of those guys that gets into a fender bender and rolls out of the car clutching their neck. That’s not me. As a matter of fact I didn’t even consider calling an attorney until the driver that hit me suggested it!

He basically said, “Look I’ve got great insurance and there’s no reason that you shouldn’t protect yourself and your family. You’re not hurt right now but neck injuries can easily surface a few days or weeks later.” He made a good point, and while I was just about to ask him for a recommendation I thought to myself that would have been just way too convenient and weird.

So I asked around the good Facebook friends and from a recommendation found a small firm here in Ft. Lauderdale that could not only handle the accident I was in but also my business matters as well. That neck injury never really did surface. My neck was just a little stiff for a few days. But I have to say it was a huge piece of mind knowing that I had a really good competent firm in my corner if I needed them.

Note: This is a guest post.

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