New Picnic Table For Kids

My kids have been enjoying this new picnic table that I bought from my blogging earnings. I got it at Ebay. I saw it first at Walmart for $99.99 but it’s out of stuck. I saw it in other online stores but it’s way up to my budget which is less than $100. I searched in Ebay and I leaped with joy that somebody is selling it for $80.48. It has been opened but the seller decided to put it back into it’s box.


The picnic table for my kids.

It was also free shipping and the seller is from New York state which is a neighbor to my state in PA. I am impressed that it arrived less than 3 days under my mailbox. I immediately opened it and installed the parts in our backyard. It was a little difficult especially that I put the second bench in a wrong side. Laughs. I corrected it and it’s ok now. It’s portable and can be folded so it’s easy to store it in the garage or placed indoors. My kids felt so excited as much as I did. Thank you to my blog DA’s, without you I could not afford to buy cool things for my kids. Thank you for being a blessing!

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