Swimming And Homeschooling

Last week was Little G’s last classes on swimming. He did well during the observation day. I think he still need to go to more swimming sessions particularly when he get to use the noodle and the kick board. But alas, the pool  is under a month of cleaning so we’ll rest on that classes for now and go again by the time it resumes.


This week, I’ve been orienting little G on the new books that he received for his homeschooling. He’s excited to try it. But by the time we set on time on doing the activities in the textbook, his attention span was very short. I understand, it’s his new challenge and I have to set the time with 10 to 15 minutes studying each subject and then he can eat and play. I tell you, homeschooling is hard. But I keep on praying that we’ll get through this after 180 days. To my dear little G, you can do it honey! We’ll get through this together! I love you!

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  • Homeschooling can be overwhelming at first (and even after 6 years we still have our days), but it’s all so worth it!! After a bit you’ll get into a routine and it will be a piece of cake for both of you. :) Maybe try doing a lesson or two, then take a 10 minute “get the wiggles out” break, then move to the next lesson or two…?
    Good luck and enjoy!! :)

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