Busy Helping Laundry

Today is just one those days, moving on with our homeschooling and busy doing laundry at the same time. The two little masters of the house wants to help Mommy loading the dryer. I love this stage when they are initiative and willing to help.


Little G has been doing his Kindergarten Homeschooling with me for 1 month now. There was a week that we took off as I had an important job to do in the house. After that, we went back to our homeschool routine. It’s tough the first week we did it but as we do it routinely, he gets the idea fast. I thought I will never get to encourage him to do coloring as he was very hesitant, but after 3 weeks, he began to pick up crayons and did coloring. There are times he sticks to the chair and do the coloring while I do washing the dishes but there are times that he wanders around to find his younger brother who is busy playing on the other room. Oh well, kids will always be kids, wish they will never grow. Smiles.

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