Running A Karaoke Bar Experience

I remember being a caretaker of my father’s Karaoke bar and restaurant when I was in High School. His idea of running this business is to turn it into a restaurant at lunch time and karaoke bar at night time. What people usually buy in both daytime and night time are the cigarettes and beer. I don’t smoke myself and neither do my father, but I do inhale a lot of those cigarette and alcohol coming from the customers who linger in our store. It was hard because there are times that I get sick but I have to help my father in this business as it is our source of income for everyday school needs. My mother really didn’t like the idea in running this kind of business from the start but she can’t argue with my father as it makes him stay home most of the times and invite his friends over, rather than going out and coming home late at night. It was an interesting time for me too because I became a business woman at a very young age. Smiles. My father always ask me if there are any cigarette rim, beer cases left or if our supply of other food products is still enough to sell and run the store every week. If only Electronic cigarettes were widely used at that time, we would’ve sold those to customers. It would’ve been a good alternative so that non-smokers like me will only get to inhale cigarette smoke lesser. If you do want to sell e cigs, check out¬†as they have a bulk selection of it for your customers to choose. Also, if you think you can run a small karaoke bar these days, you will know that customers will buy either a traditional or electronic cigarette and a demand of beer is usually the basics to sell. There are pros and cons to running a Karaoke business. Other than being a certified bar business, be alert at all times as customers will have different reactions after drinking. It’s also fun to have a karaoke business because you will get to hear people singing, dancing and meeting new friends who wants to rant or vent about life.

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