Heavy-duty Mat Idea For Home Farm And Ground Worksite

Patented, heavy equipment mats from Quality Mat feature an interlocking design that has transformed a number of industries since their introduction in the 1970s. From oil drilling to logging, heavy equipment mats became vitally important to any industrial operation that needed an easy way to build temporary access roads to remote locations. By eliminating the costly and time-consuming effort associated with depositing aggregate road material, jobs were completed more quickly at less cost.

The interlocking design of the mats distributes weight across large networks of mats, reducing the damage to the environment and offering a stable base for equipment and vehicles to travel along. Because of its weight, heavy machinery is susceptible to getting stuck in difficult terrain or sinking into marsh-like areas. Heavy equipment mats prevent injury to your workforce and damage to your equipment. After you’ve completed your construction, these mats are easily removed and ready for their next application.

Whether you call them oilfield, laminated, board road, or interlocking mats, these heavy equipment mats are the best solution to working in environmentally sensitive areas. Choose from mixed hardwood or oak laminated boards that will stand up to the demands of any worksite. Protect your people, your investments, and the environment with Quality Mat Company’s heavy equipment mats.

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