Icing Roses For Birthday Cake

I’m preparing this rose icing for my birthday this weekend. Yes, I make my own birthday cake this year. There was only once that my husband made me a birthday cake and a friend gave me once an ice cream cake as a birthday cake. I only bake cakes once in a while but since there are upcoming special occasions in our family, I have to seize the moment to do some cake decorating.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended cake decorating classes for 4 nights at the YMCA. It was a Wilton Cake decorating class and I learned how to do rose icing from it. There were other icing techniques taught but I really liked the part where we made lots of rose icing for a beginner level.  I’m glad that my teacher was proud of me when I showed my final cake in Facebook where of course, I gained praise from my work from family and friends. So what do you think of this second batch of roses? Have you tried making rose icing too?

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