#BugOut And Discover The Insect World With Orkin

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When it’s about bugs, it makes us itchy, right? There are some bugs that I like, and some that I don’t like (and I would really freak out) especially the ones that are known to bite and can lead to infectious disease. Bugs are interesting creatures that you and your kids might want to learn in everyday life too! In fact, I just discovered Orkin Ecologist, a very cool website that my boys and I will surely enjoy and discover more about what makes insects unique and how they play their role in Ecology.


Image Credit to Orkin Ecology Site.

One Summer time, in our homeschool class, my kids are so excited to use the magnifying glass that I bought for them. I was following my lesson plan for Science K that day to take my kids outside our house and we’ll look for insects and bugs. They look so curious to see tiny ants, garden bugs, and even spiders that gets bigger when using their magnifying lens. I told them that I’m scared on spiders. I also told them my story that my younger brother used to tease me when I was a kid that the big-hairy spiders that appeared on wall and ceiling of our house in Philippines, were bird-eating spiders and are poisonous. I ran as fast as I could inside the house or hide inside my room as I thought those kind of spider might jump on me! Until now, spiders still shake my nerves but as I read more about them, I discover that not all bird-eating spiders are poisonous. They can still bite though like this big-hairy Goliath spider but it doesn’t have venom that would lead to life threatening situation to people.

I think the scariest and deadliest bugs in the world would be a good essay for your kids to submit in their Science subject, don’t you think? Are you looking for more insect fun ideas and insects topics to learn with your kids in Science subject? Check out Orkin Ecologist site today, stop by at their Facebook page and like them too! And last but not the least, won’t you share your bug out moments with me too? You can share my post for your social media friends to read too and don’t forget to put hashtag #BugOut when you do share, ok? Have fun learning Science!

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