Be Determined To Lose Weight

Whenever I go outside and when I surf in the internet, I always encounter people sharing different stories about their journey to losing weight. Losing weight seems to be a favorite subject that people likes to talk about lately. Every person has their own ways of doing it. Some want to lose weight quick and some want to lose weight gradually. It’s funny because it’s a subject that I wasn’t interested in before because I was very slim.

I was 90 pounds when I entered US and living here for 5 years, I gained 60 pounds. Not good. I had two normal pregnancies and each pregnancy that I breastfed my baby, my lowest weight is 120 pounds. But now, I’m back up to 150 pounds. It’s ridiculous. I stopped going to Snap Fitness and decided to go to the YMCA as a family instead. I must admit, there are times that we eat dinner at 7 or 8 pm and I read that it’s not healthy to eat that late. There are times that I just prepare pre-packed meals, when the day is just a busy time for me to do household chores and taking care of my kids. I am also concerned of my husband who has increased his weight lately. I suspect it is his job as a computer programmer at work made him more inactive or live in a sedentary lifestyle. I felt uneasy about our gaining weight now and I kept on gathering information on how people lose weight especially to family like us where my husband is a computer workaholic and myself who is a work at home Mom. I established a weight goal to lose at least 1 pound a week for both of us and I wish that going for a family swim for 30 minutes at the YMCA 2 times a week, getting 2000 Walking steps a day in the pedometer, and strive hard not to eat dinner later than 6PM would help us get closer to our goal. I also read about TRIMSPA diet pills which many celebrities take lately to lose weight quickly. I still have doubts about taking any diet pills and sorts as it has to be paired with some sort of colon cleanse strict diet and exercise. The TRIMSPA diet supplements are also tempting to take because it’s a popular herb supplement used in Africa to stave off hunger during long hunting expeditions. For me, I’m determined to lose weight gradually with effective interventions that doesn’t have to be expensive.

How about you, how do you lose weight? Would you share it with me too?

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