Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner

My kids were surprised to see a huge chicken and it turned out to be a turkey during our Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom in law’s house. We love eating the delicious home baked turkey! I’m so thankful to have a loving Mom in law for baking our turkey and that she and my bro in law did all the baking of the main dishes for the Thanksgiving celebration this year.


She wanted me to just bring salad and vegetables during the dinner. It took us long time to go to her house because we have to shovel snow out around our car and that we can get to the road. It was a heavy, snowy evening but thank God, we all gathered as one family and we’re all together again. We watched a movie and talked about the things to be Thankful for this year. A lot of misfortunes happened before Thanksgiving and thank God we all survived. Thank you Lord for all the ups and downs. For Thy Grace made us a better person and strong family! Amen!

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