Truvia® For Sharing A Sweet Future

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I read about Truvia® and it’s nice to know that it’s a GMO free sugar substitute product and it uses one natural sweetener found in a stevia plant. It is popularly used by the ones who are diabetic that needs zero-calorie food and the ones who likes to drink and eat gluten free food.

They claim to be safe when used in drinks and food by pregnant women and children. Many people liked it however some experienced side effects as their body can’t tolerate the erythritol, (according to Wikipedia: a sugar alcohol found naturally in small amounts in various fruits such as grapes and melons). Other than those two ingredients, it has other natural flavors.

Truvia® has newly launched a charitable initiative which is “Sharing a Sweet Future” geared to help Bolivian kids and families in South America by providing them a sweeter future such as:

  • cooking nutritionally-balanced school meals.
  • 68 fuel efficient stoves.
  • allowing another 3,574 students to eat cooked meals in a safer environment.

I thought what they’re doing or initiative is really great! If you want to Learn even more about the Truvia® brand’s initiative here, check them out today! If you love Truvia® or interested in helping Bolivian kids and families, you can help spread their cause too by including this hashtag in your social media post: #SweetFuture with any posts regarding their World Food Programme. Follow Truvia on Twitter today and Share the Truvia® brand’s video on Facebook to support their Sharing a Sweet Future initiative. $1 feeds 4 kids. After you watched the video above, you can Share the Truvia® brand’s video to support their Sharing a Sweet Future initiative. $1 feeds 4 kids. Additionally, you can also proceed to their Facebook App here to directly share Truvia’s Facebook Charitable Initiative for Bolivia.

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