Healthy Ideas

Easy Salmon Wrap

If you guys want a healthy and easy meal to prepare, you might want to try this salmon wrap anytime. You just need your favorite brand of whole wheat tortilla, salmon, lemon, light mayonnaise, a little salt and paprika for seasoning.


For vegetables, you can use the iceberg or romaine lettuce so you can include it in your wrap. It’s also nice if you take in more vegetables and fruits so I included extra lettuce on the side with sliced fresh strawberries and almonds. I didn’t have to add salad dressing for this salad. Cooking the salmon is easy and… Continue reading

New Comer in Weight Watchers

I must admit, there are many times that I really cried hard and silently as I can, and alone in our closet. It’s a fact that I’m big and so is my hubby and it’s so frustrating because we tried very hard in losing weight. It’s not easy! It hurts more when we feel unwelcomed in groups and parties. Just this week, I paid and signed up online to Weight Watchers for 3 months management to lose weight.


I planned to join since last year. But the plan slipped in my hands as I really want to help my sister… Continue reading

Delicious Risi Bisi

I prefer my Risi Bisi non gooey. This is a common Italian food served with a mixture of rice and green peas. I used the rice that I cooked the other day with diced ham, frozen green peas and onions. I used 3 tablespoon of olive oil, 5 cups of rice, 4 cups of diced ham. You just stir fry it until the ingredients are mixed.


Some preparation of Risi bisi has chicken broth and other fancy seasoning. I like it simple and I’m glad my hubby and kids like it. I also prefer frozen green peas than the canned… Continue reading

Merry Christmas To All

Oh I smell cookies and all kinds of delicious food in the air! I sigh because I still have to prepare mine. At least it’s just a slow cook for one main dish and a jello for dessert for our Christmas dinner this year.

I also got to bake lots of cookies to give to my husband’s officemates and some family friends and keep a little for the kids. My Mom in law wants us to come to her house for a pork roast too but we are still undecided because my husband has been warned by one of his… Continue reading

Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner

My kids were surprised to see a huge chicken and it turned out to be a turkey during our Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom in law’s house. We love eating the delicious home baked turkey! I’m so thankful to have a loving Mom in law for baking our turkey and that she and my bro in law did all the baking of the main dishes for the Thanksgiving celebration this year.


She wanted me to just bring salad and vegetables during the dinner. It took us long time to go to her house because we have to shovel snow out… Continue reading

Be Carton Smart This Holiday

This post brought to you by Carton Smart. All opinions are 100% mine.

I can’t believe that the Thanksgiving holiday is next week. It’s a busy time for us and many households to do more cleaning, prepare rooms for guest and most of all shopping for the big feast. Before we know it, Christmas season will be here too, so we try our best to stock dry goods in our pantry as early as possible, than rushing and waiting a long line in the store.


I am so delighted to introduce to you guys this new food products I… Continue reading

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