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Dot to dot activity for my preschooler

Our homeschooling went a little better when my preschooler finally have an activity that suits him. He just loves doing dot to dot art for a week now. What I need to do before he start the activity is to form shapes, letters and numbers using circles on an easel pad.


Here’s my 3 year old doing the dot to dot activity. I got the paint markers for less than $13 dollars for a set of 6. The easel pad was less than $5 dollars.


You can also use bingo markers which is cheaper than the paint markers but I… Continue reading

Pointing America

As I was teaching my 5 year old some Geography, I also taught my preschooler a little bit of it too. My 3 year old’s age is fun to teach because he always initiates that he wants to do it. He got to know that this ball model of Earth is a globe and the large flat picture of map is a world map.


He is so excited that he got to point America in the globe. He also got to point mommy’s country in it which is the Philippines. Somehow, it amazed me how my kids have grown so… Continue reading

All Saints Day Hat

A week ago, we celebrated All Saints day according to our liturgical calendar. We went to a noon Holy Mass at church and we stayed to pray inside the church for a little bit and tour the kids on the Baptismal area of the church where they preserved the old, religious stained glass windows. It was nice to see the kids curious and recognized the images in the stained glass.


After that, we went home and did a family craft together. I prepared coloring pages for each of us to color and I cut them to form into hats or… Continue reading

Color Fun For Tot

My 2 year old is very observant on what his 4 year old brother do in homeschooling. There are times, even for a few seconds that I’m away from Little G, Little V grabs the crayons and color his brother’s work. It gets messy sometimes and so I make 2 photocopies of each coloring pages that Little G is going to do.


I’m surprised though that at a young age, Little V is very interested in doing coloring art. At least it’s not very messy and you can identity objects in the picture. This picture is what he colored lately.… Continue reading

Ninth Week In Homeschooling

Next week is our ninth week in homechooling. Time flies so quickly, indeed. We are required to submit a quarterly report to the school where my son is enrolled with and they will send us the report card. I like this idea so that we will know the progress of our 4 year old by quarter in Kindergarten. I am getting busy for sure because I have to process his papers at the end of next week.


Homeschooling is a very tedious project in our family. I’m getting the hang of the routine though and so is our first homeschooler.… Continue reading

Busy Helping Laundry

Today is just one those days, moving on with our homeschooling and busy doing laundry at the same time. The two little masters of the house wants to help Mommy loading the dryer. I love this stage when they are initiative and willing to help.


Little G has been doing his Kindergarten Homeschooling with me for 1 month now. There was a week that we took off as I had an important job to do in the house. After that, we went back to our homeschool routine. It’s tough the first week we did it but as we do it… Continue reading

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