Singing and karaoke

I have been watching American Idol in youtube lately and I noticed they have been searching for a new Superstar. It’s amazing to see many aspiring Singers in different states in the USA. The road to this platform is really not easy. Someone has to have that talent in singing, understanding what’s he singing is all about, and do creative drama and appeal to the audience. I’m sure the judges has their Continue reading

Wedding and commitment

A wedding is not complete without the wedding rings. Traditionally, the rings should be made of gold as it is a symbol of eternal Continue reading

Pointing America

As I was teaching my 5 year old some Geography, I also taught my preschooler a little bit of it too. My 3 year old’s age is fun to teach because he always initiates that he wants to do it. He got to know that this ball model of Earth is a globe and the large flat picture of map is a world map.


He is so excited that he got to point America in the globe. He also got to point mommy’s country in it which is the Philippines. Somehow, it amazed me how my kids have grown so… Continue reading

Smiling Me

There are so many reasons why I’m smiling. It can sometimes mean that I’m happy and sometimes, I really need to smile. I do like smiling. It’s just sad that some people misunderstand it. And blames me that I’m selfish.


All I can say is this. There are times that I really do have a bad day. And there are times that sponsor packages came at my mailbox (I didn’t buy these for myself!) for me to do a product review. To be honest, they make my day and I enjoyed using their products and so I smile. There are… Continue reading

Watching AI

I was watching some AI videos in youtube the other day and I’m happy to know that Caleb won the Season XIII. I remember during the AI search, he really was on the lead. He really persevered in coming back too. His finale performance with the KISS band really suits his song genre. I remember there was one video that his mic fell off the mic stand and he didn’t stop singing at the same time chasing for it on the floor Continue reading

First Watercolor paintings

My son had fun doing watercolor painting a few months ago. This is his first watercolor paintings. I taught him how to do it (with my lack of experience) and I’m glad it turned out alright. He’s so serious about it.


We gathered pictures from magazines that he would like to paint. I recycled some old calendar papers and the watercolor paint that I bought from garage sale and from the store. He was painting baby wood ducks coming out from a hole of a tree trunk on this pic.


He said he wants to do a second one the… Continue reading

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