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Amazing Water Creatures At Aquarium Of Niagara

A week ago, we went to Aquarium of Niagara in Niagara Falls, New York. I’m glad that my husband and I was able to visit there before the Winter storm hit. I had an important appointment at USCIS Buffalo an hour after we went there. My husband was not worried about time because it’s not that far from Buffalo.


It was a neat experience for just me and my husband because we got to go out as a couple. Our kids camped at their Grandma’s house at home as we are only planning a short important trip. I saw interesting… Continue reading

Learning About Owls At Audobon Center

Our family got a wonderful opportunity to go to an Owl show at the Audobon Center last month. It’s on the country side of Jamestown, New York and it was a fantastic experience! We got to see 6 owls and there were crafts and experts teaching kids about the wild life nature of owls.

 photo learning_about_owls_at_audobon_center_zpsf0c15936.jpg

I never knew that there were owls around our area. Among which that are spotted are the Barn owl, Screech owl and the Great Horned owl. In this picture, the instructor is showing my kids the difference between an owl leg and hawk legs, their wings… Continue reading

Driving Under Dark Tunnel

My husband was driving and we drove under this dark tunnel as it’s on our way in the highway. Some government owned Coal manufacturing plant built it and on the side of it is the plant. It’s 55 mph under it, would you dare it? Lucky for us we’re the only ones going thru it. It’s funny as it reminds me of the feeling like we’re under NYC’s subway. At least this is an above the ground tunnel though. Ain’t this cool?


The Dark Tunnel.

We were on our way home from Steubenville, Ohio in this roadtrip adventure. It happened… Continue reading

Bridge To Ohio

One of the fascinating site seeing we’ve seen during our road trip for the bible conference was this cable-stayed bridge that connects Weirton, West Virginia to Steubenville, Ohio. They call it “New Steubenville Bridge or Veterans Memorial Bridge”. It’s a four lane bridge and runs the width of the Ohio River.


The New Steubenville Bridge.

I really liked this bridge and wish that there is a side walk so one can have a brisk walk along side of it. My husband din’t use this bridge on our way home from the conference as he wanted me to see some interesting… Continue reading

Happy Camper At Bible Conference

My husband and I went to a bible conference in Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio last week. It was a great experience that I will never forget. First of, this is my third time to attend bible conferences there. My husband has been going there since he got his job after college. The bible conference is full of Wisdom with Catechism and it’ll build you up as whole from tiny pieces. Forgive me on my own metaphor. It’s really important for everyone’s life to deepen your passion in Faith for God’s love.


Me a happy camper at the Bible conference.… Continue reading

Exploring Brigiotta’s Greenhouse

We enjoyed exploring Brigiotta’s greenhouse in Jamestown, NY this month. My photo don’t do justice of the beauty in their surroundings but this is one out of 20 plus greenhouses that they have there. Each greenhouse is huge and lots of blooming flowers of any kind. There were vibrant colors of begonias, impatiens, mums on this photo. My son absolutely enjoyed our trip there.


Little V at Brigiotta’s greenhouse.

If you’re around the area, you should try visiting them too. It will take out the stress away from you as you are surrounded with lively plants. I hope to visit… Continue reading

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