Unboxing my Tlcvoxbox

Influenster sent me another voxbox a few weeks ago. I’m surprised! Thank you so much, and to all the brands sending this to pamper Moms who joined their free program!

The products in this box are nice because it gives you idea on what may come this summer. If you and your kids go outdoors more often, mosquitoes and other bugs that bite can cause rashes in your skin. The Neosporin to go ($4.97) is good for that. I used it to treat my kids mosquito bites. The Puffs to go ($0.49/single pack)  is small enough to fit in… Continue reading

Govoxbox from Influenster

I wanted to thank Influenster and all the sponsors who sent this fitness products to me. Everything in this box are new brands to me and I enjoyed them all. These are perfect for people who likes to do outdoor stuff like hiking and running.


I like doing hiking and walking more often now that the weather is warm and sunny. It’s a change after doing walking laps indoors at the Y gym. I used to do 15 to 20 laps at the Y while my kids get their swimming with either Daddy or Uncle at the same time. It’s… Continue reading

Rimmel Moisture Renew Voxbox

I really love receiving freebies from Influenster. My collection of lipstick increased because I got a new voxbox and it has this Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick! It’s color is bold and gorgeous. And I like that it has a shade of red to pink.


I was wearing it before and after doing a walking routine in the gym and when I get out of the house. It smells so good and it does keep your lips moist! The moisture and scent last longer which is awesome! The color once applied in the first few minutes is really a vibrant,… Continue reading

Practical And Fun Ways To Use A Cotter Pin

Some people may have already used cotter pins but just don’t know that it’s called a cotter pin. Actually there are several types of cotter pins and you can use them for practical usage like securing some parts of your machinery. Like for instance Continue reading

Increase Your Business Presence Through Online

These days, it’s really nice to have a little sideline business for extra income. If you are already skilled in making your product and very profitable, why not create your own website online? It’s fun because, not only you will spread your business in your local area but  Continue reading

Christmas Lights Delight

During the yuletide spectacle, you can have glimpses of widespread array of Christmas lights display in every neighborhood. Houses glitter with colorful lighting bulbs which come in different colors and sizes. They are arranged accordingly depending on the desired theme of every household. Families would work hand-in-hand in making sure that their house will look merry. The process of assembling the decors is a good occasion for family members to bond with each other. Surely, putting up Christmas lights, etc. is always a delightful family bonding.


Here are three of the many benefits that you can have.

Family Bonding. You… Continue reading

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